Mignons Macarons

"Oh! Les mignons Macarons!" [Oh! The little cute Macarons!] A familiar French exclamation for those sweet and elegant pastry aristocrats; so beautiful and delicate to make, but an amazing euphoria of taste and happiness submerged you after the first bite.
Now, the challenging question is for you, dear readers: Have you ever been obsessed to make Macarons at home? I am sure many of you have tried, but how many of you have succeed to make the perfect one? Yes, the Perfect Macaron has a soft and an airy meringue texture, a moist and a chewy interior, a 'crunchy-bright-thin' shell, and it has a "foot"! So, I've dedicated a whole page only for Macarons, where you can find what you need to make the best ones. Believe me, it's a worthy challenge. Curious about Macarons History?... Read more at Culinary History